• The Battle Of Metal Vol.5
    The Battle Of Metal Vol.5

    50 Bands, 4 hours metal Music, 1 Compilation!

    Release on January 12th. 2018, get it here:

  • Way Of Changes - Reflections
    Way Of Changes - Reflections

    The debut album of the new metalcore sensation from Switzerland!

    Release on February 16th. 2018, get it here:

  • SynthAttack - Harsh is Back
    SynthAttack - Harsh is Back

    The long awaited new album of Germany’s loudest aggrotech duo!

    Get it here:

  • Gothic Music Orgy, Vol.4
    Gothic Music Orgy, Vol.4

    60 Bands, 4,5 hours music, all gothic genres!

  • New EP & Album of SHIV-R
    New EP & Album of SHIV-R

    Australian’s best industrial band is back!

    Cheshire Grin (EP), August 25th:

    Requiem for the Hyperreal (Album), Sept. 22nd:

  • The Black Capes: All these Monsters
    The Black Capes: All these Monsters

    We're proud to announce the next big thing from Greece!

    Be ready for "All these Monsters" on June 9th 2017!

    Visit the Minisite

  • SMASH HIT COMBO - L33T (May 26th)
    SMASH HIT COMBO - L33T (May 26th)

    France’s finest nu metal band is back with a double album: 12 tracks in English (feat. None Like Joshua) and 12 tracks in French.

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  • Omnimar - Poison (May 19th)
    Omnimar - Poison (May 19th)

    The new album of the female fronted dark wave sensation from Russia!

THE AUTIST - The Coldest Sun

The darkTunes Music Group family is growing and it's time to say hellcome to our new signing THE AUTIST.

THE AUTIST is a female fronted metal project with prog/symphonic elements from Portugal/Russia featuring Polina Psycheya as main vocalist. The origin of the project dates back to 2014 and is the mind reflection of guitarist/composer Pedro Remiz that decided to recreate his own musical world after the end of Darkside of Innocence.

We've just released their debut album "The Coldest Sun": besides Polina Psycheya, it also features Alina Lesnik (mostly known for her many youtube covers) and Chiara Tricarico from the Italian metalheads Temperance.

We strongly recommend to watch this epic music video and to shere it... Turn the volume up and enjoy!

PS: Get their new album as download or streaming:


THE BLACK CAPES - All These Monsters

We are very very proud to present you the new videoclip "Now Rise" of our gothic rockers from Athens.

THE BLACK CAPES releases their hit (taken from their debut album "All These Monsters") in 360°. Click on the play button to be surrounded by their new goth rock hymn: 

PS: Get their new album as limited slipcase CD, download or streaming:



Dear Nu metal fans, we're proud to present you the new video clip "Blackout" taken from the new Smash Hit Combo double album "L33T".


You can get the new SMASH HIT COMBO album right here:

OMNIMAR - Poison

Ladies & gentlemen, we're pleased to present you the new lyrics video of our russian darkwave queen!

This song is taken from the new album “Poison”, get it here:

THE BLACK CAPES - All These Monsters

The lamentations about the fading glorious times of gothic culture has come to an end because when THE BLACK CAPES enter the stage, a whole dark world shines in new splendor. Where great icons such as TYPE O NEGATIVE, THE 69 EYES or THE SISTERS OF MERCY have been unchallenged in the gothic Olympus, finally there is a worthy successor from Athens.

Although THE BLACK CAPES are considered a newcomer due to their founding in 2016, the Greek musicians have already gained a lot of experience: who already has shared the stage with icons such as MONSTER MAGNET, PARADISE LOST, VADER, ROTTING CHRIST or SEPTIC FLESH, is also ready to compete with the elite of gothic rock and gothic metal.

With their debut album "All these Monsters" the Athenians impressively prove that they understand like no other, what has always been the spirit of the past. Effortlessly they combine this understatement with the modern sound of our time, creating a masterpiece of hard, gloomy riffs and Singing full of tension, feeling and roughness.

But this is not enough: "All these Monsters" also impresses with a strikingly artistic artwork by Seth Siro Anton, who has already worked for PARADISE LOST, MOONSPELL, SOILWORK, ARCH ENEMY and other icons.

“All these Monsters” is a masterpiece in all aspects, which starts the worthy prelude of a new era of gothic rock and gothic metal, and no one, who appreciates the beauty of dark music and has waited it for far too long, should miss this groundbreaking release.


Get it as limited slipcase CD, download or streaming:


PS: Discover who is "Sarah The Witch" in their new music video!

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