Dear dark electronic music fans, here is the new lyrics video "Dead Inside" from SYSTEM NOIRE.

This song is taken from the new EP "Dead Inside" which includes remixes from X-RX, RUINED CONFLICT, ALIEN:NATION, REACTOR7x, MORDACIOUS and DESASTROES!

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THE BATTLE OF METAL VOL.5 is finally here, again fully loaded with a big variety of Metal-Genres like Death Metal, Black Metal, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Industrial Metal, Nu Metal, Metalcore and many more !
Again we’ve put together a massive load of Bands for you that took the challenge of representing their very own style of metal with their masterpieces.

To put it straight that means: 50 Bands from all over the world compete with each other in 4 hours of pure energy and electrifying riffs that will bring your neck at the edge of exhaustment! One more time we’ve followed our philosophy of offering a platform to those great newcomers out there, to carry their hard (and we mean hard!) peace of work out to the world.

If you’re a metalhead longing for the full spectrum of heavy music, then this is exactly what you’ve been searching for! So prepare yourself for the ultimate fight of metal genres; prepare yourself for THE BATTLE OF METAL VOL.5 !

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Our metalcore heads from Switzerland are ready to release the beast, here is a foretaste of what is going to slap you in the face on February 16th!

The first single "Cold Hands" from the upcoming debut album "Reflections" of WAY OF CHANGES is out now, so turn the volume up and bang your head!

Preorder the debut album and get the songs "Absolution" and "Cold Hands" as instant download or stream the single on your fav streaming site now:

SMASH HIT COMBO - In Game (English Version)

Ladies and gentlemen, darkTunes is very proud to present the new single "In Game (English Version)" of SMASH HIT COMBO !!!

This song is taken from their album "Playmore" from 2015 where you can find its French version. Due to the enorm international success of the last double album "L33T" (in French and English), we've decided to re-record the hit "In Game" in English.

Enjoy! And don't forget to put this new song in your playlists!

Anthony Chognard - Max Keller

We are very proud to present you the side projects of Anthony Chognard "Chon" (producer and guitarist of SMASH HIT COMBO, Sound engineer at CHS PROD) and Max Keller (singer of SMASH HIT COMBO and BOARS).

These 4 singles from VERMOUTH (alternative Rock / Metal), MORESK (Nu Metal), WALDMEISTER (Melodic Hardcore) and THE BLACK RUSSIAN’S (alternative Rock / Metal) are really kick-ass pieces from these genres.

We strongly advise to click these links to have a listen, and don’t forget to put these songs in your playlists:

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