• New EP & Album of SHIV-R
    New EP & Album of SHIV-R

    Australian’s best industrial band is back!

    Cheshire Grin (EP), August 25th:

    Requiem for the Hyperreal (Album), Sept. 22nd:

  • Gothic Music Orgy, Vol.4
    Gothic Music Orgy, Vol.4

    60 Bands, 4,5 hours music, all gothic genres!

  • The Autist: Coldest Sun
    The Autist: Coldest Sun

    Finest femal fronted symphonic metal from Portugal and Russia!

    New album "The Coldest Sun"

    Get it here:http://smarturl.it/ColdestSun

  • The Black Capes: All these Monsters
    The Black Capes: All these Monsters

    We're proud to announce the next big thing from Greece!

    Be ready for "All these Monsters" on June 9th 2017!

    Visit the Minisite

  • SMASH HIT COMBO - L33T (May 26th)
    SMASH HIT COMBO - L33T (May 26th)

    France’s finest nu metal band is back with a double album: 12 tracks in English (feat. None Like Joshua) and 12 tracks in French.

    Visit the Minisite

  • Omnimar - Poison (May 19th)
    Omnimar - Poison (May 19th)

    The new album of the female fronted dark wave sensation from Russia!

  • The Battle Of Metal Vol.4 (April 14th)
    The Battle Of Metal Vol.4 (April 14th)

    50 Bands, 4 hours metal Music, 1 Compilation!

  • Metallspürhunde - Giftbox (April 21st)
    Metallspürhunde - Giftbox (April 21st)

    The new album of Switzerland’s best darkwave/electro punk band is here!


Dear Nu metal fans, be ready for the new Smash Hit Combo double album "L33T" which will be released on May 26th... It will be brutal, it will be full of punchlines in your faces and it will be international!

For the first time of the band history, SMASH HIT COMBO will release a double album with a very special concept: same instrumentals but different singers and different languages!

- CD 1 will be in English, featuring the incredible US rapper and Youtuber None Like Joshua!

- CD 2 will be in French, as usual...

darkTunes invites you to discover this new chapter of France's best nu metal/rapcore band! Be ready for 24 new tracks and for mind blowing new music videos...

You can preorder the digital version exclusively on Bandcamp right here:

DUST IN MIND - Oblivion

France's most promising female fronted metal band is back with their new album... and the international press is already exalted:

★ "Masterpiece from France!" - Orkus Magazin

★ "Catchy, modern, full of Energy!" - metal.de

★ "Respect! One of the most important actors of the new generation of modern metal bands!" - Legacy Magazine

★ "They are here to win!" - Metallian Magazine

★ "Monster production!" - RCN Magazine

Dust In Mind are back and are auguring a heatwave for the upcoming spring! Whoever has thought after the great debut-album “Never Look Back” that this was all they got, will be disabused with the new firework of an album, namely “Oblivion”. Like they already have signalized in 2015 there is only one direction for the French musicians: straight forward!

We are not only presenting a new album by DUST IN MIND but rather a wholly new world full of grotesque images and stories, that put their finger directly into the wound of all those topics, that let our time in no respect seem to be less surreal than the picture that the band from Strasbourg has drawn in their new masterpiece.

“Oblivion” is full of hardness, emotion and a mixture of the genius of icons like Korn, Pain or Katatonia, and is hereby creating a sound that still is bearing the hallmarks of the French musicians. On top of that, four of the ten new tracks are accompanied by effortful and gorgeous music-videos, that nobody should miss. Like the phoenix from the ashes DUST IN MIND arise again, and are even more beautiful, louder, and more focused than ever before.

Our response to the stinging cold of the winter-months is clear: Having a party with DUST IN MIND! The new album “Oblivion” is defrosting the frozen glimbs within seconds and turns the coldest chamber into a furnace! So be prepared for the heatwave, because “Oblivion” will reach us punctually on April the 7th in 2017 digitally and as digipak with a beautiful 6-sided booklet and it will let worlds collide that couldn’t be more foreign and familiar at the same time.

You can preorder the limited digipak (with its wonderful booklet) or the digital version right here:

PS: DUST IN MIND are on tour with PAIN, catch them on the road: Dates

MOONLIGHT ASYLUM - Death is coming


The first album of the female fronted industrial electro metal sensation from Argentina ist out now!.

Strong metal riffs from thrash and black metal, catchy melodies from electro and pop and breakdowns from metalcore, powerful male growls, angelic female vocals, this is what is waiting for you on the debut-album of Moonlight Asylum!

This 3 pieces band from Buenos Aires, Argentina has already shared stage with legends like Deathstars, The 69 Eyes, Emilie Autumn, Nitzer Ebb, Cradle of Filth, Within Temptation, The Sisters of Mercy, Paradise Lost, Lacuna Coil, Anneke Van Giersbergen and HIM, among others.

"Death is coming" is the first milestone on their way (to hell)!


Welcome to filtered garage-punk guitars, aggressive drums, synth and techno beats combined with gritty female vocals in a fresh mix of punk, synthpop and industrial!

YUZNA is a new electro punk rock band from Italy and we are very pleased to present you their new EP "V.A.M.P.Y.R." and their first music video "Le vampire".

Get the EP now on:

VERSUS - FreakWaves


Freakwaves: For a very long time Freakwaves were regarded as the seaman's thread. While some of these so-called rouge waves made ships manoeuvrable or were hardly a danger for seamen, some among them were particularly feared - as those monster waves were able to swallow an entire ship. VERSUS are back! After receiving rave reviews for the album 'Different Twilight Places' - They released a new record, FREAKWAVES. 

FREAKWAVES is not only the world's first AhoiPop album, but is also a musical step forward. The new album FREAKWAVES comes along with a high level of homogeneity, an absolute memorability and excitement. VERSUS keeps again their standards with the new album: no song will be like the other. VERSUS is inextricably linked to AhoiPop. But what is AhoiPop?

AhoiPop stands for catchy melodies, epic hymns, addictive ballads and smart clubhits. AhoiPop stands for honest, poignant and profound lyrics. Simply spoken: AhoiPop is electronic pop music. On FREAKWAVES, VERSUS brings to mind the overwhelming term of 'pop', without denying their own roots from Electro, EBM and Darkwave. Together with the producer Krischan Wesenberg (Rotersand, Homewreckers), VERSUS has created an album, by which they skilfully did the split between club and a cosy sweet home feeling. This record animates you to dance as well as to dream, a mix, which was not expected in its complexity after seven years break.

VERSUS outpaced themselves and have created thirteen wonderful waves full of depth, emotions and authenticity. Five German lyrics lay the message on the line. A special artwork, with loving details will for sure provide lots of discussion, as the features with Vasi Vallis (Frozen Plasma, NamNamBulu), Nils Upahl (Beyond Obsession) and Toby Hartwig (Syntec) will complete the record to a harmonious picture. VERSUS have defied the waves and came to share their stories by their new album. 13 waves put in a nutshell - this is FREAKWAVES.

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