• The Battle Of Metal Vol.5
    The Battle Of Metal Vol.5

    50 Bands, 4 hours metal Music, 1 Compilation!

    Release on January 12th. 2018, get it here:

  • Way Of Changes - Reflections
    Way Of Changes - Reflections

    The debut album of the new metalcore sensation from Switzerland!

    Release on February 16th. 2018, get it here:

  • SynthAttack - Harsh is Back
    SynthAttack - Harsh is Back

    The long awaited new album of Germany’s loudest aggrotech duo!

    Get it here:

  • Gothic Music Orgy, Vol.4
    Gothic Music Orgy, Vol.4

    60 Bands, 4,5 hours music, all gothic genres!

  • New EP & Album of SHIV-R
    New EP & Album of SHIV-R

    Australian’s best industrial band is back!

    Cheshire Grin (EP), August 25th:

    Requiem for the Hyperreal (Album), Sept. 22nd:

  • The Black Capes: All these Monsters
    The Black Capes: All these Monsters

    We're proud to announce the next big thing from Greece!

    Be ready for "All these Monsters" on June 9th 2017!

    Visit the Minisite

  • SMASH HIT COMBO - L33T (May 26th)
    SMASH HIT COMBO - L33T (May 26th)

    France’s finest nu metal band is back with a double album: 12 tracks in English (feat. None Like Joshua) and 12 tracks in French.

    Visit the Minisite

  • Omnimar - Poison (May 19th)
    Omnimar - Poison (May 19th)

    The new album of the female fronted dark wave sensation from Russia!

Anthony Chognard - Max Keller

We are very proud to present you the side projects of Anthony Chognard "Chon" (producer and guitarist of SMASH HIT COMBO, Sound engineer at CHS PROD) and Max Keller (singer of SMASH HIT COMBO and BOARS).

These 4 singles from VERMOUTH (alternative Rock / Metal), MORESK (Nu Metal), WALDMEISTER (Melodic Hardcore) and THE BLACK RUSSIAN’S (alternative Rock / Metal) are really kick-ass pieces from these genres.

We strongly advise to click these links to have a listen, and don’t forget to put these songs in your playlists:


Dear dark electronic music fans, we are proud to present you the new EP "Dead Inside" from SYSTEM NOIRE.


Get it now:


"She couldn’t recognize a monster, Cause she grew up with one, Thinking every guy is her father, with vile words shooting a gun!"

We extremely proud to present you the new music video "The Prayer" taken from the new SMASH HIT COMBO album "L33T"

Enjoy! And don't forget to get this kick-ass album here:


Melody and brutality on one hand, talent and passion on the other... Dear metalcore fans, be ready for the debut album "Reflections" of WAY OF CHANGES which will be released on February 16th. 2018.

Preorder the debut album and get the song "Absolution" as instant download now:

DUST IN MIND - Oblivion

Ladies and gentlemen, we are very proud to present you the new music video of DUST IN MIND: MRS EPILEPSY.

This wonderful song is taken from their last album OBLIVION. This video was directed by Psyrus Studio and was recorded in a ghost town... Turn the volume up, put the lights off and let this powerful ballade take your hand and bring you in a world of emotions.

Don't forget to listen to their last album here:

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